Mothers & Childeren Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO)


Group child sponsorship program is one of the programs under Education thematic area sponsorship program. The organization implements with the main objective of assisting orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) through giving different kind of support to make it possible for them to go to school attain great results and finally help them to be self-reliant. Since its establishment, more than 350 children are being supported by this program.

To increase the access and quality of education MCMDO aimed at improving the access and quality of education for the most hard to reach and disadvantaged groups, through construction of kindergarten, upgrade/extension of elementary schools, youth centers, and sponsorship of educational material, one to one sponsorship and group sponsorship for school enrollment of children.

In order to accomplish this program, MCMDO gets support from different individuals, organizations and families. Currently the organization has 28 different groups of sponsors in which 23 of them are Ethiopians and only 5 groups are foreigners.

Sponsors can start the support only with one child and there are also some group sponsors who do sponsor a group of children’s with Minimum of 500 ETB or 25$ per month.

Any groups who are interested can sponsor a group of children and can cover a children school fee, school materials and school transport costs. But also can support the children by donating school materials, supportive books, facilitating medical services and giving them love through spending some time with them.