Mothers & Childeren Multisectoral Development Organization (MCMDO)


MCMDO has been sensitive in addressing the problems of children especially of vulnerable groups since its establishment in 1997. More importantly the MCMDO ChildSPACE Program which directly focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration of street children has been striving for the well-being of children by establishing a child friendly environment in its service provision.

The street work is providing us with the chance to better profile street children and Provide information’s that empower SLCY on their environment. In line with this, we were able to reach 139 (21Female) SLCYon the I.A grant and 134 (20 Female) SLCY using the street work approach on Almero foundation grant.

Health Education

The health section undertook the various service components in the reporting period. The service provision consists of the health counselling, health education, workshops, compound sanitations, first aid service, referral service to health centre and family guidance association (for medical case, family planning, ANC, PNC, EPI and pre reunification medical check-up), material distribution like hair oil, Vaseline, sanitary napkin as well as integrated supporting activities of overall health supports for the beneficiaries of the childSPACE programme.

Life skills training

Life skill training sessions are vital components of the rehabilitation service and the program intends to build the children skills in terms of decision making, communication, self-esteem and confidence etc. so that they should have the basic skills and understanding up on reintegration into the society.

Sport and recreation

Recreational and sport activities are one vital part of the rehabilitation service provided at the center. Due to their age it is relatively easier to engage children in relaxing and edutainment sessions. Children were allowed to interact with themselves in the form of music, games, dance competition and others.


In order to ensure proper and safe reunification of eligible children and there by facilitating suitable living environment family tracing was conducted for all the children. With every reunification trip a total of eight families together with four additional families of reserve children were assessed. Accordingly on AF grant a total of 36 (thirty Six) eligible children for reunification were traced and socio-economic situation were assessed.

Children that were eligible for reunification in this reporting period received pre-reunification medical checkup as part of the reunification process. This is due to the fact that almost all of them are vulnerable to various health related risks due to their living situation in the street. In this regard the eligible children for the family reunification and the reserves totaling 36 (Thirty Six) children on AF grant had a proper medical checkup at government health institution. As part and parcel of the reunification process of children back to their families, pre reunification guidance and counseling were provided. The children received guidance on general expectations back in their community, their role in the family, in community, socialization with peers and value of formal education and mechanisms that are needed to retain and brighten up their future back with their families. Accordingly a total of 24 (Twenty four) male children who are reunified with their families received the service.

During reunification all the parents and or guardians of the reunified children received orientation on positive parenting skills on how to reach out communicate, proper nurturing and protect their children in the every dynamic and changing world keeping the best interest of the children and their future.

In order to ensure proper reunification and easing up the family burden financial support is provided as part and parcel of the reunification of children for families with economic strain to support their children.

Vocational skill training

The ChildSPACE Program has been conducting a serious of market assessment to identify the employment potentially available opportunities at the current market to facilitate reintegration and sustainability in general.

The selected and enrolled SLCY have got access to vocational skill training opportunity with the discipline of Wood and Cabinet work.