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 MCMDO URBAN DISTITUTE SUPPORT CENTER Inaugurated and started its work on Tuesday September 10/2019.

Annual Sport festival program

Recreational and sport activities are one vital part of the rehabilitation service provided at the center.

MCMDO ECCD and ABE Center Graduation

MCMDO under its ECCD and ABE programs graduate children’s from six community owned early learning centers.

Graduation at MCMDO’s TVET Center

MCMDO TVET center wood work or furniture making and Metal work trainee’s graduation.

“Amsale Birhanu Memorial”

“AMSALE BIRHANU family members” is one of those sponsors who raise and support economically in need students; the support was named by AMSALE BIRHANU.

KASECH-2 Renewable and sustainable energy

MCMDO has decided to install KASECH-2 with its partner in the main office not to be affected by power fluctuation.

Mothers Day Celebration

MCMDO celebrated Mother’s day in the main office.
Staffs, beneficiaries from different projects, sponsors and representatives from woman’s and children’s Association were there in the celebration.

Supportive Visit from Dropbox Foundation

The objective of the visit is learning more about what MCMDO did in the field and how MCMDO’s work impacts the lives of vulnerable populations.

22th General Assembly meeting of MCMDO Convenes

The General Assembly of MCMDO convened Saturday 30 March 2019 at Ras Amba Hotel for the 22th time since the founding of the organization in 1997.

Follow up Visit

Board members visit the Actual implementation of MCMDO’s Addis Ababa area projects Annual work activity.