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“MCMDO’s 2022 Re integration from UDS project for beneficiary”

Mothers and Children Multi-Sectoral Development Organization (MCMDO) is an indigenous, nongovernmental,not-for-profit and humanitarian organization founded in 1997.Formerly known as Welfare for the street Mothers and Children Organization(WeSMCO)was re-named in2009 due to the broadened thematic areas the organization is increasingly dealing with.The same year MCMDO registered with the Charities and Societies Agency(CSA) as an Ethiopia resident charity with a certificate number 0022.

Since its establishment,MCMDO has completed 130 projects and 33 projects are currently under implementation.MCMDO works in all regions in Ethiopia.For the last 22 years of service,MCMDO has reached and benefited more than seven million beneficiaries.

UDS center is one of the project under MCMDO and MCMDO is Reintegrating the benificiaries from UDS projectr at North Shewa Dera woreda,Wolayita Zone and Siddama Region by reunifing the beneficeiries with their parents and reingrateing them with the socity by supporting them in their liveli hoods.The woreda people and the police officers assigned to facilitate the ingration of the beneficiaries.”.