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“MCMDO Experience sharing workshop on Innovative Reunification & Reintegration options of street children. “

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MCMDO through the child Space program has different Reintegration options, among this reunifying children with their family is highly favorable and recommended. Currently the program gave much emphasis for effective and sustainable reunification process. Further that the program are seriously attempting to make this process to be sustainable. In this end, we plan to draw the best lessons and innovative approaches from Likeminded organization who are working in the same area. It is helpful to adopt best experience that will be an input to sustain our reintegration plan. In this regard, the one day Experience sharing workshop was conducted on December 17/2021 at Soramba Hotel.
The program was opened by MCMDO, Child space senior p/Coordinator welcome speech. The welcoming speech was emphasized on the problems of street children has to be the concern of all stake holders and cooperation is needed for sustainable reunification and reintegration process.
Following the opening remark, MCMDO’s short profile and overview Childs pace program was presented by the coordinator.
During the day, three presentations that focused on the overall practical experience of reunification and reintegration of street children were presented. MCMDO, child space experience was presented at the first, Hop for Justice and Positive Action for Development (PAD) were the organization that presented their best experiences. ,
After the completion of the presentations, there participants’ reflection and discussion was held, Hence participants were actively participated in the discussion. In general the participants appetited MCMDO for organizing such a kind of experience sharing workshop for concerned stakeholders and the efforts made so far by the three organizations to change the life of street .