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“Child Right Protection day Rejoice in MCMDO DIRC Center.”

MCMDO is sensitive in addressing the problems of street children especially of vulnerable and very destitute part of the community groups since its establishment in 1997.
Child SPACE program which directly focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration of street children has been striving for the well-being of street children by establishing a child friendly environment in its service provision. The program is implemented in collaboration with GOAL International, Irish Aid and Almero foundation. MCMDO is always promoting and advocating the child right for its stakeholders in different strategies. One of the strategies that promote the right of children is celebrating events and organizing sessions with stakeholders and the children themselves.
The 2021 celebration of child protection carried out by psychosocial department and short introduction about the program were given by the DIRC Coordinator and psychosocial officer. Participants raised questions related to the child abuse and answer was given by different concerned invited participants Conversations, interview for the invited stockholders and entertainment was conducted during the celebration. A total of 142 (57M) SLCY’s and 15 (6M) representatives of Police officers, representative of worda women and children affairs, youth affairs, Arada sub city woreda Worda 4 and 5 labor and social affairs, community members, youth associations, ,Idir leaders and nearby school teachers , directors and students were attended the event.

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