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“MCMDO Emergency WASH response program to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Benishangul Gumuz region”

Emergency WASH response program is in response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Benishangul Gumuz region due to conflict. The project is funded by UNOCHA/EHF and started on January 2021 expected to end on August 2021.The over all objective of the project is to enable IDP resides in Mandura and Dangur woredas of Benishangul region have access to life saving safe water supply including Wash NFI, house hold water treatment chemicals and sanitation service with hygiene practices and subsequently contribute for reduction of morbidity and mortality related with lack of access to safe WASH service. Interventions include rehabilitation of non functioning water scheme construction of semi permanent latrine, procurement and provision of standard WASH NFI kit including dignity kit and promoting good personal and safe menstrual hygienic practices.
Project location s are selected primarily due to the number of IDPs ,vulnerable communities with high WASH unmet need non functioning water scheme and require rehabilitation .Access to safe water and sanitation services with good hygiene practices are not only the fundamental human right by them selves, but they are also aim to improve the over all condition of health and nutrition status.

Consultation MHNT team at beles kutr-2 Dangur and Mandura
Awareness creation before distribution of water chemical (aqua tab) how to use it at Dangur woreda Beles kutr-2
Demonstration hand washing techniquess on COVID-19
Health education on how to use water chemical before distributions