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“MCMDO TVET Center Graduation”

MCMDO TVET center graduate wood work or furniture making trainees for third round and hotel or kitchen operation trainee’s for first time on march/30/2021.
Under Regional Development and Protection Project RDPP MCMDO aims to create evidence-based, innovative, sustainable development and protection solutions for lives of Ethiopians youths Host Communities and urban refugees specifically Eritrean refugees live in Addis Ababa in particular so as to minimize irregular migration.
The project started from March 2018 with first phase trainees on wood and furniture making as well as metal work with Plan International Ethiopia through the financial support of European Union.
Currently under the project 52 trainees (2 female refugees, 4 male host community and 46 male refugee) wood work and furniture making trainees, 36 (4 female host community and 32 female refugee) hotel or kitchen operation trainee taken COC exam, successfully pass their exam and graduated.

Wood Work and kitchen operation Graduate’s
Kitchen Operation Trainee’s
Graduate’s receiving certificate