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Fight Corona virus together!

Let’s fight Corona virus together!

Community Health Project

MCMDO has Launched Provision of Sanitation and Hygiene Materials for d/t vulnerable groups and at risk health workers in Addis Ababa city Yeka sub city of woreda 01 and 02 with financial support of French Embassy.

Hand glove, face mask, Hand Sanitizer, Soap and Water Tanker has been delivered for representatives of the targeted woredas.

MCMDO implement the project to reduce the prevalence of COVID- 19 in Addis Ababa city.

provides sanitary and hygiene materials with the funding source of French Embassy to reduce the prevalence of COVID- 19 in Addis Ababa City for vulnerable households and at risk health workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed to have reached Ethiopia on 13 March 2020. Until today 2346 cases of the virus were reported since it’s confirmed.

Since the disease has no vaccine or an approved medicine WHO has recommended for prevention measures at community level such as avoiding gatherings, proper hand washing, use of sanitizers, staying at home, keeping physical distance, use of hand glove and face mask and avoid touching eye, nose & mouth.

As MCMDO is an active member of the health cluster which is led by WHO; MCMDO purchase and provide quality standard sanitary and hygiene materials that has certification and recommendation of WHO for targeted vulnerable households and at risk health workers.

The materials have been delivered by Ambassador Fredric Bontems through the representatives of the targeted woredas.

In the launching program the Ambassador of French Embassy Ambassador FREDRIC BONTEMS, CELINE CONTE, HUBERT TARDY-JOUBERT, CAROLINE ARNULF AND SARA ANTONIO from French embassy, Ato TESFA KENDE deputy manager of woreda 01, Ato ZERIHUN KOREME deputy manager of woreda 02, Sister ZENEBECH ABERE Medical Director of woreda 02 health center and community representatives were in the program.

woreda 02 Deputy Manager received box of kits
Group photo in the provision of Sanitary kits
Ambassador Fredric Bontems (Ambassador of French Embassy) and Ato Assefa Tesfaye (MCMDO Deputy Board Chair person)