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Volunteers Recognition Day

Currently MCMDO is implementing more than 24 projects in all regions of Ethiopia.
From all this MCMDO’s ChildSPACE Program is the one which directly focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration of street children; it has been striving for the well-being of children by establishing a child friendly environment in its service provision.
MCMDO is implementing the project in different sections: Heath, WaSH, Livelihoods & Child protection and sport & Recreational) in Addis Ababa city administration Arada, Addis Ketema, Ledeta, Gullele, Yeka, Nefas silk lafto and Kirkos sub cities in collaboration with Goal Ethiopia;
The project has been providing major services for the SLCY both on Rehabilitation and Reintegration(Psychosocial support service, Reunification of children with their family/parents, Provision of start-up capital, Life skill, Health education & Sport recreation service, Reunification, TVET training and Startup capital for Small business).
While MCMDO implements these project volunteers give a huge support.
Volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain.
The objective of the event is to give information about the project, to give recognition, appreciation, to build self-esteem and confidence for those volunteers who were supporting the organization and to welcome new volunteers those who want to join for future.
When volunteers feel appreciated and important, they are more likely to feel connected to the program and continue their involvement.
Since MCMDO started the project volunteers play big role on the implementation of the organizations objective either in person or in organization.
MCMDO has been giving recognition for volunteers who were supporting the project for the last 6 years; on Dec/24/2019 six youths and five organizations get the recognition for all the supports they did.
Different Guests, volunteers and beneficiaries attained the program at Sarem Hotel at 4.00 am 24/12/2019.
– w/ro Sinedu Getachew Author
– Ato Geremew Ashenafi Executive Director of GPSDO.
– Representatives from Afenchober Health center
– Representatives from woreda 05 safety net
– Representatives from woreda 04,05 and 11 police
– Representatives from Arada sub city youth center
The event started with
– Welcoming speech by Tenaye Seferi (Sport & Recreation program Coordinator)
– Speech of the day by Solomon Getachew (Admin & HR Manager of MCMDO) about projects of MCMDO, the benefit of volunteers for the projects implemented and thanking all gov’t bodies and volunteers for the supports they give
– Presentation about MCMDO and Volunteerism by Yenework Minalu (Project Coordinator of DIRC)
– Brief Presentation about volunteers and volunteerism by Geremew Ashenafi (Gurage Peoples Self-help Development Organization)
– Poem about the day by w/ro Sinedu Getachew
– Music and entertainment by d/t volunteers
– Personal testimony by beneficiaries at DIRC
Acknowledgement Certificates and Gifts were given for volunteers by w/ro Sinedu Getachew and Ato Solomon Getachew.
Finally the event was closed with lunch program at 6.30 am for all the participants at the event.

Presentation about volunteers and volunteerism by Geremew Ashenafi
Volunteers receiving certificate and gifts