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MCMDO URBAN DISTITUTE SUPPORT CENTER support for street children is a new project started on September 2019 funded by WORLD BANK and implemented by MCMDO through Ministry of labor & social affairs in Addis Ababa city administration.
The project targeted to support 1842 urban destitute street children in different sub cities of Addis Ababa city for 2 years.
MCMDO give the rehabilitation and reintegration services for 149 children’s as of Dec/18/2019 in Addis Ababa city administration Bole sub city.
Currently MCMDO has opened additional centers in two sub cities of Addis Ababa city on Dec/19/2019 to receive 168 children and youths to give rehabilitation and reintegration services.
Head of Addis Ababa Bureau Labour and Social Affair W/ro Alemtsehay Pawlos, Addis Ababa BOLSA Beraue Deputy Manager Ato Alemu Assefa and Addis Ababa city office of Mayor Ato Zemen were in center to bring the street child and youths.
MCMDO Head office Program Director Ato Fiseha, Admin & HR Manager Ato Solomon and staff members receive all the children’s and youths to make them start their normal life in the center.
W/ro Alemtsehay Pawlos Head of Addis Ababa BOLSA Beraue gave orientation for the children’s.
Lastly Personal testimony about the project has been heard by 3 children’s from the previous entrees.