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Annual Parents Day

MCMDO One to One Sponsorship Program Annual Parents Day

Sponsorship program is one of the programs the organization implements which started in 2000G.c.

The main objective of the project is assisting orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) through giving different kind of support to make it possible for them to go to school, attain great results and finally help them to be self-reliant.

Target Groups for sponsorship program is Orphans, Children with HIV/AIDS, Children live with HIV+ parents, Children with disability, Children in a very destitute family.

The source of the budgets for the children’s is from generous donation of different individuals, organizations and families.

Average monthly contribution to sponsor child is minimum of $25.00.

There are different Ways to Support a Child in sponsorship program (financial support), School material support ( exercise book, pen, pencil, drawing materials, rulers), Provision of sanitary pad, soap, hair oil & detergents, Text & supportive books, Tutorial classes, Life experience sharing, Medical support, Counseling.

Currently the sponsorship program has 200 beneficiary children’s in which 6 students will going to graduate from different colleges & universities.

These annual parents program is for families and children to thank their sponsors for the supports they get.

The ceremony started at 4.00 am in the morning invited guests, children’s, families and sponsors and different media arrived in the program.

The program passed with great celebration and acknowledging sponsors for all the supports they give for the OVC; it starts with welcoming all the beneficiaries, Guests and sponsors speech by (Rekik Dagne PR and Documentation Officer), followed by opening speech of the day and thanking sponsors by Ato Solomon Getachew (MCMDO Administration and HR Manager), broadened presentation about One to One Sponsorship project by Meaza Wuhabea (One to One Sponsorship Project Coordinator).

Coffee ceremony, music and cultural dances were the stimulant for the event.

The program followed by recognition certificate for all sponsors, award for students who get high rank on their grade levels, experience sharing by sponsors and beneficiary’s personal testimony.

After the award and personal testimony, Motivational speech about

–  The target of the project for the,

–  The necessity of supporting children’s,

–  Motivating all children’s and parents about their study by Ato Sisay Tufa (psychologist and special need education trainer).

Finally the event was closed at 6.30 am with photo program of all the children’s who attained the ceremony and with their sponsors.