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Annual Sport festival program

MCMDO has been sensitive in addressing the problems of children especially of vulnerable groups since its establishment in 1997. More importantly MCMDO ChildSPACE Program which directly focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration of street children has been striving for the well-being of children by establishing a child friendly environment in its service provision.

MCMDO has started street children and youth support project in Addis Ababa named as “Reducing the vulnerability of street living children and youth in Ethiopia through enhanced local capabilities”

MCMDO implemented the project in different sections: Heath, WaSH, Livlihoods & Child protection and sport & Recreational) in Addis Ababa city administration Arada, Addis Ketema, Ledeta, Gullele, Yeka, Nefas silk lafto and Kirkos sub cities in collaboration with Goal Ethiopia.

Recreational and sport activities are one vital part of the rehabilitation service provided at the center. It is relatively easier to engage children due to their age in relaxing and edutainment sessions. Children were allowed to interact with themselves in the form of music, games, dance competition and others.

Currently more than 100 beneficiaries are engaged in different sport activities like football, Athletics and conditioning exercise. In addition, based on their interest they attend various training on respective recreational and artistic training schemes.

The programs widen its scope to other artistic work like music and theatre. Thus MCMDO ChildSpace considers this opportunity as one strategy to build the capacity of the children through creating conducive atmosphere to show and invest their inherent talents. The program appreciated by our beneficiaries and helps our rehabilitation and good image build by the community towards this group.

The objective of the program is to capacitate and motivate our target group self-esteem and encourage them to bring behavioral change, to minimize bad habits, to create positive communication among the beneficiaries as well as with other partners.


The team organized by eight main groups among two of them are female and the remaining six are male.

The groups are organized on department of the center and each group contains 15 players. They are coached by the department coordinator and compete each other on football, short distance athletics and Minor funny games.

In these year the competition has been in Atse Fasil primary school for two days in July 17 and 18 2019.

Lastly, after the competition ends the winner department receive trophy and the rest competitors got different awards from the hands of Ato Mesay Gelaw Director of Atse Fasil primary school.