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Mothers Day Celebration

“Motherhood all love begins and ends there “ROBERT BROWNING

MCMDO celebrated Mother’s day in the main office.

Staffs, beneficiaries from different projects, sponsors and representatives from woman’s and children’s Association were there in the celebration.

The program started with opening speech of Ato Solomon Getachew Admin and HR Manager of MCMDO. He gave brief explanation about the day and how MCMDO started working on mothers and the benefit of working for mothers.

Working for mothers is working for the country.

The celebration includes Coffee ceremony and blood donation with staff members and beneficiaries for those mothers who will suffer with lack of blood lose.

Strong Beneficiaries (mothers) gave their testimony about the challenges they face and how they benefited from the organization and their current status.

Lastly strong mothers awarded recognition certificate for being role models for others.

Supportive Visit from Dropbox Foundation

 Supportive Visit from Dropbox Foundation

The Dropbox Foundation which works in collaboration with Goal Ethiopia visitor’s VACAVEUON HOSTAN (Manager), AMBER COTTLE, ADRIENNE CORNLEX and from GOAL ETHIOPIA COURTENAY POCCARD (Trust and Foundation Manager), EAMAN SHACKY (Head of Fundraising) visited one of MCMDO’s programs ChildSpace center which works on street connected children’s and youth in collaboration with GOAL ETHIOPIA on 7th    May 2019.

The ChildSpace center mainly works on rehabilitating and reintegrating of the SCCY’s.

The objective of the visit is learning more about what MCMDO did in the field and how MCMDO’s  work impacts the lives of vulnerable populations, through that the Dropbox Foundation grasps how MCMDO has been successful with its projects and wanted to feel the gaps and discussed on how to help the organization to reach more beneficiaries.

The visit started with welcoming the guests and introducing staffs of MCMCDO and brief explanation about all projects, Afterward the visit continued  on how the children’s, mothers and youth spend their day and the benefit they get from the center.

Finally the visitors had good time with the youths in the center and encourage them to change their own life with the support they receive from the center.


22th General Assembly meeting of MCMDO Convenes

The General Assembly of MCMDO convened Saturday 30 March 2019 at Ras Amba Hotel for the 22th time since the founding of the organization in 1997. The meeting was attended by 39 members of the assembly and 42 staff members took part in the half-day meeting during which the

  • Board members annual work report,
  • 2018 annual report and expenditure,
  • Audit reports of the organization for the period ended 31 December 2018
  • 2019 planned activities and budget,
  • Beneficiaries’ testimony and
  • New board members selection were presented, discussed and approved by the general assembly.

Ato Tilahun Mulugeta, Executive Director of MCMDO gave an opening speech. Following he invited the vice chairperson of GA members Ato Hadush Halefom took the stage and opened the meeting the reason with the absence of the chairperson Ato Tesfaye Getachew.

Following, the Board chair person W/ro Adanech Kebede, presented 2018 Board Report of MCMDO. After she finishes her report, she invited the General Assembly members to visit mcmdo’s Addis Ababa area projects.
Following An Audit report of 2018 was presented by external auditor, Ato GetaMehari Temesgen, he explained that no problem witnessed during audit inspection.

Then the 2018 Annual Report was presented to the GA by Ato Fisha Mezgabu, program director of MCMDO. Subsequently, Financial Report of 2018 was presented by MCMDO’s Finance Manager, Ato Biruk Tamene.

Following this, beneficiaries gave their testimony about the organization have done for them. Afterwards, the GA participants at the meeting held a detailed discussion on the issues stated on the report and testimony’s given by the beneficiaries. Comments and feedback were also given.

After that the GA participants assigned new board members in a place of those who completed their terms, they requested to keep W/ro Adanech Kebede, Ato Asamnew Kassa and Ato Assefa Tesfaye. and five new Board members nominated and four are selected, who are w/ro Fana Abraha, Ato Tamiru Mersha, w/ro Abaynesh Yerega and Alfanur Abu Kufa.

Finally the last agenda of the day was annual plan for 2019

The annual plan for 2019 was presented by Ato Mikiyas Abrham, M&EL unit head of MCMDO.

From the presentation of the 2019 annual plan

  • Keep previous thematic areas
  • Adding 2 more thematic areas (Democracy and Human right, conflict resolution peace and reconciliation).

Following, GA participants approved 2018 Board Report, Financial Report, External Audit Report and 2019 plan and Board members election.
The meeting was finalized by closing remarks made by Executive Director of MCMDO Ato Tilahun Mulugeta, at 1:30 p.m.


Follow up Visit

Board members visit the Actual implementation of MCMDO’s Addis Ababa area projects Annual work activity. The objective of the field visit was to enable and see the actual implementation of the projects beyond the paper report and to create comprehensive understanding of how MCMDO works at the city level.

  • More specifically, the visit started with presentation on One to One Sponsorship program which works on providing opportunities & access to education for orphan and vulnerable children through the generous support of the sponsors from different countries and followed by visit the TVTE center which creates evidence-based, innovative and sustainable development and protection solutions by giving Vocational skill training for beneficiaries so far on woodwork furniture making and metal work for refugees and host communities in key hot spot areas of Addis Ababa. The Board members raise some questions for the trainee’s about the benefit of the training and their satisfaction, the trainee’s responded that the training is well good for them but they asked if the organization could add some hours for the training and facilitate job for them after they graduated from the center.

Afterward the visit continued to ChildSpace which works on rehabilitating and reintegrating of Street Connected Children and Youth, on how the children’s, mothers and youth spend their day and the benefit they get from the center. The next visit was the Alternative Basic Education Kulity center at Yeka sub city; which benefited children’s around the area to get education near to their home, the board visited the teaching learning process and appreciated them

The visit was finalized by school feeding program at KARALOO School in which MCMDO works on feeding students once per day for whom they don’t get balanced diet at their home and by addressing questions and feed backs from the students about their satisfaction of the feeding program.

Visit at MCMDO ECCD centers

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) is a project under Education thematic area which works to increase the access and quality of education for children, the most hard to reach and disadvantaged groups, through construction of kindergarten, upgrade/extension of elementary schools, youth centers in Yeka sub-city Woreda 12& 14 of Addis Ababa city administration, German National Office ECCD specialist  Monica Bahlmaier visit the beneficiaries at Yeka sub-city Woreda 12& 14 of Addis Ababa city administration (Bore Abado, Demeka, Quliti) centers, she saws the overall activities done in the center, teaching learning activities & materials, reading session, play grounds and television programs; she also participate a coffee ceremony with parents who are participating in parenting education program.

Early Child hood Care and Development project is donated by German National Office and implemented by Plan international Ethiopia and MCMDO.

MCMDO started implementing the project since November 2013 and benefited more than 2300 children’s.

As the result the project pursues to address the problem through four pillars.

These four pillars are: 1. Parenting education, 2. Community Managed ECCD Centers/ Early Learning Programs, 3. ECCD Early Childhood Care and Development; Facilitating Smooth Transition to Primary/ School and Community Support for Transition to Primary Success, 4. Advocacy, Partnership and Collective Actions.

The project theme activity, the Donkey Mobile Library initiative, responds to a need to make culturally and developmentally appropriate stories and books more available and accessible for young children, as well as to research evidence that children who learn in a familiar language have better foundations for literacy and learning.

Monica Bahlmaier thanked the children’s and parents for the warm welcome ceremony and discussed on how the program helping them and if they had a problem they want to get support from the Donors, the beneficiaries thanked the donors for all the supports they receive and gave her thank you gifts for German National Office and the representative , Finally MCMDO give a recognition certificate for the representative of GNO for all the support they give for the children’s.

ARFE association visited MCMDO

ARFE (Amitie Rural Franco-Ethiopienne) is an association of a group of farmers in France, working with Ethiopian farmers in Amhara Region Semen Shewa zone around Debre Berehan city and Fadji  kebele ; it’s been 14 years since they started working with them.

The association works in

  • distributing agricultural tools for the farmers
  • solar energy for a school in FADJI
  • water supply for the students in the school using the solar energy

The delegation of ARFE has come to Ethiopia to inaugurate its solar pumping project for school at Fadji kebele. The project was supported by EDF Foundation, MCMDO and Blue Energy. President of the association, Mr. Henri Fagotet, and 9 members of the association visited MCMDO’s TVTE center and after the visit they attend a brief power point presentation about MCMDO’s all activities. Finally, Ato Tilahun Mulugeta, Executive Director of MCMDO, invited them to work together & support MCMDO, the visitors gave their appreciation and hope for MCMDO to support for the future.

Visit at Elbethel Academy

“One to one sponsorship program” is one of MCMDO programs under Education thematic area which support Children’s since 2000 G.c. The Sponsorship Program mainly works on providing opportunities & access to education for orphan and vulnerable children through the generous support of the sponsors from different countries.

The implementation of the program is designed in two ways;

  • One to one sponsorship where an individual child linked to a sponsor
  • Group sponsorship where a group of people sponsor a group of children.

Among those group sponsorships 28 students “Roman Girls” are the main one who get sponsor from Ethiopian Family Fund (EFF). “Roman girls” get its identification by Dr. Roman Kifle (PhD) the founder & coordinator for these 28 students.

Mrs. Marla Hodes the Executive Director of Ethiopian Family Fund (EFF) and Dr. Roman Kifle the founder for Roman girls visited the students at the school where they get educate (Elbethel Academy).  The purpose of the visit is to observe allocated funds are being used on the right place for the children’s, to personally communicate with the students & their families to discuss the students’ academic & health status. The program started with presentation about the actual implementation of the project, followed by discussion with the girls, their family and representative of Elbethel Academy, after the discussion the visitors share their experience and gave consult for the students (Roman Girls) and gave positive reward for MCMDO and the students gave their big gratitude for MCMDO, Mrs. Marla Hodes, Dr. Roman Kifle and Family of Elbethel Academy. Finally MCMDO gave recognition certificate for Ethiopian Family Fund for supporting the 28 students.

Guests from European Commission, European Union and CD visit MCMDO’s TVTE center

MCMDO’s TVTE center

Guests from European Commission, European Union and CD visit MCMDO’s TVTE center. The main objective of the visit was to see the actual implementation of the Regional Development Partnership Program done by MCMDO in collaboration with Plan International Ethiopia, DICaC, IOM and ZOA. The visitor’s interview migrants about their interest on the training and their expectation after the training. The trainee responded that they feel happy the center facilitate this training for them, they also mention that if the organization facilitate a job opportunity after their graduation it will be a good chance to stay here and make money for their life instead of going abroad. Finally After they finish their discussion the visitors motivate the trainees to give good attention for their training and gave positive reward about the center.

Visitors from GOAL GLOBAL,IRIS AID and IRELAND National Medias

MCMDO’s ChildSpace center which serves street living children and youth, receive visitors from GOAL GLOBAL Chief Executive Officer Ms. Siobhan Walsh, representative of IRISH AID Mr. Patrick McManus, journalists from RTE IRELAND national media and IRISH times magazine and representatives of GOAL Ethiopia. They visit the overall rehabilitation and reintegration activities which includes cooking demonstration training given to mothers cooking for their children’s above 6 months to give them balanced diet, the visitors also saw how young boys spent their time in the center, The main purpose of the visit was to see how children and youth in the center are being served with different services such as health, cooking demonstration, Life skill training, hygiene and sanitation, sport and recreation. The visitors were happy with what they saw as they clearly observed the children in the center who had been street based for quite some times, have shown remarkable changes in different areas including personal neatness, behavioral change. Following this they interview some of the beneficiaries who took life skill training, supported in small business. The beneficiaries responded that the support they took from the center helped them to leave the street life, So that they want to work hard and change their life. Finally the visitors gave positive motivation, had coffee, picture and traditional dancing (ESKESTA) with the family of the child space center.

International street children day

Commit for Equality!!

The Child Space Program of MCMDO organized International Street Children Day event at Arbegnoch (Patriots Primary School) on 12 April 2019. This year’s motto for the event is “COMMITE FOR EQUALITY”. The event brought together representatives of street children, students from Patriots Primary School, students from Atse Fasil primary school, government offices, civil society organizations, representative from GOAL Ethiopia and staffs of DIRC.

MCMDO took the initiative to mark the day as it primarily works to improve the lives of vulnerable mothers and children and marking the day brings attention to the severity of the problem and acknowledges the efforts of those engaged in alleviating it. Preventing children from going out on the streets is the primary goal and but assisting those that are out on the streets and reuniting them with their families is also a crucial task of the Child Space Program of MCMDO.

The program is designed to contribute to the effort made to reduce the number of street living children and insure the effective reintegration and rehabilitation of street living children. The program is funded by GOAL Ethiopia to street children is provided at Drop in Rehabilitation Center (DIRC) in Addis Ababa.

The program took place a half day event with different poems, dramas, cultural dances, d/t songs, circus and other performances reflecting the theme of this years’ celebrations were staged.