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Graduation at MCMDO’s TVET Center

MCMDO TVET Center Graduation   

MCMDO TVET center wood work or furniture making and Metal work trainee’s graduation.

Currently MCMDO is implementing more than 24 projects in all regions of Ethiopia. From all this the (Regional Development and Protection Project) RDPP supported by Plan international Ethiopia aims to create evidence-based, innovative and sustainable development and protection solutions for lives of Ethiopians youths Host Communities and urban refugees specifically Eritrea and Somali refugees live in Addis Ababa in particular so as to minimize irregular migration.

The project started from March 2018 with first phase trainees on wood and furniture making as well as metal work.

Currently under the project 53 trainees 42 (35 refugees and 7 male host community) wood work and furniture making trainees 11 (6 male host community and 5 male refugee) metal work trainee taken COC exam, successfully pass their exam and graduated on July 9/2019.

Guests attained the event to congratulate the trainees

  • Addis Ababa BOLSA Beraue Ato Kassa Seyoum
  • Yeka sub city BOLSA Office W/ro Alem Ashagre
  • Plan International Ethiopia Ato Fekadu Joti
  • Addis Ababa RDPP Project Coordinator Ato Lijalem Tesfaye
  • Educational Materials Production and Distribution Enterprise Ato Terefe Mulatu
  • Staffs from MCMDO main office and ChildSpace.

The day passed with great celebration starts with welcoming and congratulating speech by Rekik Dagne PR and Documentation Officer, followed by Speech of the day by Ato Mersha Abebe the TVET center coordinator, Congratulation and motivational speech by Ato kassa Seyoum Director of returnee refugees at BOLSA, Speech about the program by Ato Fekadu Joti Plan International Ethiopia Country office RDPP project monitoring and evaluation coordinator and thank you speech by Graduates.

Certificate award for graduates were given by Ato Kassa Seyoum and Ato Mersha Abebe and Acknowledgment Certificate for d/t partners (cooperative training) by Ato Fekadu Joti.

Finally the event was closed with trainees Photo program on their department in group with their teachers.