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“Amsale Birhanu Memorial”

“One to one sponsorship program” is one of MCMDO programs under Education thematic area which support Children’s since 2000G.c. The Sponsorship Program mainly works on providing opportunities & access to education for orphan and vulnerable children through the generous support of the sponsors from different countries.

The implementation of the program is designed in two ways;

  • One to one sponsorship where an individual child linked to a sponsor
  • Group sponsorship where a group of people sponsor a group of children.


“AMSALE BIRHANU family members” is one of those sponsors who raise and support economically in need students; the support was named by AMSALE BIRHANU.

She raised and support two children’s before she died on accident. After she passed away her siblings get organized together and established a memorial named after her. Then after family members continue the support what she has been doing for the children’s since 2009G.C. Currently under AMSALE BIRHANU memorial 12 students got monthly financial support as well as scholastic material provision .

June 30/2019 four members of the memorial (KIDIST BERHANU, EYERUSALEM BERHANU,TIBLET BERHANU and BETELHEM BERHANU) came with their children’s to visit the students they support at MCMDO’s main office.

The purpose of the visit was to check the students’ academic & health status, beside to observe allocated funds were being used on the right place for the children’s.

During the visit they have got presentation about the actual implementation of their support, followed by discussion with the children’s and parents one by one, after the discussion the visitors share their experience and gave consult for the students, they also promises to Donate EDUCATIONAL BOOKs for Library.

The family of the students gave their deep gratitude for AMSALE BIRHANU family members and MCMDO. Finally MCMDO present  gift card for the visitors.