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KASECH-2 Renewable and sustainable energy


(Knowledge, Sustainable Environment and Conservation for Humanity)

Supported by: EDF Foundation, Synergy Solaire and blueEnergy

Using diesel generators as back up in Addis Ababa is common. But diesel generators have their own impact on climatic change through carbon emission to the environment. Continues rise of fuel price and high sound pollution makes diesel generator difficult to operate. Using renewable and sustainable energy will provide very low operating and maintenance costs compared to diesel generators. MCMDO has decided to install KASECH-2 with its partner in the main office not to be affected by power fluctuation. With the current condition of Ethiopia’s electric power fluctuation MCMDO benefited through using the solar system in the main office.

Benefit of KASECH

  • Creating auto-consumption building
  • Center of excellence for different stakeholders who want to replicate like this system.
  • Income generation if EPPCO is willing to buy the surplus electric produced.