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Supportive Visit from Dropbox Foundation

 Supportive Visit from Dropbox Foundation

The Dropbox Foundation which works in collaboration with Goal Ethiopia visitor’s VACAVEUON HOSTAN (Manager), AMBER COTTLE, ADRIENNE CORNLEX and from GOAL ETHIOPIA COURTENAY POCCARD (Trust and Foundation Manager), EAMAN SHACKY (Head of Fundraising) visited one of MCMDO’s programs ChildSpace center which works on street connected children’s and youth in collaboration with GOAL ETHIOPIA on 7th    May 2019.

The ChildSpace center mainly works on rehabilitating and reintegrating of the SCCY’s.

The objective of the visit is learning more about what MCMDO did in the field and how MCMDO’s  work impacts the lives of vulnerable populations, through that the Dropbox Foundation grasps how MCMDO has been successful with its projects and wanted to feel the gaps and discussed on how to help the organization to reach more beneficiaries.

The visit started with welcoming the guests and introducing staffs of MCMCDO and brief explanation about all projects, Afterward the visit continued  on how the children’s, mothers and youth spend their day and the benefit they get from the center.

Finally the visitors had good time with the youths in the center and encourage them to change their own life with the support they receive from the center.