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Visit at MCMDO ECCD centers

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) is a project under Education thematic area which works to increase the access and quality of education for children, the most hard to reach and disadvantaged groups, through construction of kindergarten, upgrade/extension of elementary schools, youth centers in Yeka sub-city Woreda 12& 14 of Addis Ababa city administration, German National Office ECCD specialist  Monica Bahlmaier visit the beneficiaries at Yeka sub-city Woreda 12& 14 of Addis Ababa city administration (Bore Abado, Demeka, Quliti) centers, she saws the overall activities done in the center, teaching learning activities & materials, reading session, play grounds and television programs; she also participate a coffee ceremony with parents who are participating in parenting education program.

Early Child hood Care and Development project is donated by German National Office and implemented by Plan international Ethiopia and MCMDO.

MCMDO started implementing the project since November 2013 and benefited more than 2300 children’s.

As the result the project pursues to address the problem through four pillars.

These four pillars are: 1. Parenting education, 2. Community Managed ECCD Centers/ Early Learning Programs, 3. ECCD Early Childhood Care and Development; Facilitating Smooth Transition to Primary/ School and Community Support for Transition to Primary Success, 4. Advocacy, Partnership and Collective Actions.

The project theme activity, the Donkey Mobile Library initiative, responds to a need to make culturally and developmentally appropriate stories and books more available and accessible for young children, as well as to research evidence that children who learn in a familiar language have better foundations for literacy and learning.

Monica Bahlmaier thanked the children’s and parents for the warm welcome ceremony and discussed on how the program helping them and if they had a problem they want to get support from the Donors, the beneficiaries thanked the donors for all the supports they receive and gave her thank you gifts for German National Office and the representative , Finally MCMDO give a recognition certificate for the representative of GNO for all the support they give for the children’s.