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ARFE association visited MCMDO

ARFE (Amitie Rural Franco-Ethiopienne) is an association of a group of farmers in France, working with Ethiopian farmers in Amhara Region Semen Shewa zone around Debre Berehan city and Fadji  kebele ; it’s been 14 years since they started working with them.

The association works in

  • distributing agricultural tools for the farmers
  • solar energy for a school in FADJI
  • water supply for the students in the school using the solar energy

The delegation of ARFE has come to Ethiopia to inaugurate its solar pumping project for school at Fadji kebele. The project was supported by EDF Foundation, MCMDO and Blue Energy. President of the association, Mr. Henri Fagotet, and 9 members of the association visited MCMDO’s TVTE center and after the visit they attend a brief power point presentation about MCMDO’s all activities. Finally, Ato Tilahun Mulugeta, Executive Director of MCMDO, invited them to work together & support MCMDO, the visitors gave their appreciation and hope for MCMDO to support for the future.