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International street children day

Commit for Equality!!

The Child Space Program of MCMDO organized International Street Children Day event at Arbegnoch (Patriots Primary School) on 12 April 2019. This year’s motto for the event is “COMMITE FOR EQUALITY”. The event brought together representatives of street children, students from Patriots Primary School, students from Atse Fasil primary school, government offices, civil society organizations, representative from GOAL Ethiopia and staffs of DIRC.

MCMDO took the initiative to mark the day as it primarily works to improve the lives of vulnerable mothers and children and marking the day brings attention to the severity of the problem and acknowledges the efforts of those engaged in alleviating it. Preventing children from going out on the streets is the primary goal and but assisting those that are out on the streets and reuniting them with their families is also a crucial task of the Child Space Program of MCMDO.

The program is designed to contribute to the effort made to reduce the number of street living children and insure the effective reintegration and rehabilitation of street living children. The program is funded by GOAL Ethiopia to street children is provided at Drop in Rehabilitation Center (DIRC) in Addis Ababa.

The program took place a half day event with different poems, dramas, cultural dances, d/t songs, circus and other performances reflecting the theme of this years’ celebrations were staged.